PGCH Whirlwind Farms Merlin

Merlin at 18mo.

It was obvious at birth that Merlin was going to be a massive buck and, in fact, he was sold at birth by phone to Barbara Williams, who had requested "the best" I could come up with. I called her within minutes of his hitting the ground and told her I thought he had arrived, but for her to come over and see for herself. She agreed and purchased him. I had the presence of mind to retain lifetime breedings to him and an option to purchase him back at any time she could no longer use him. She took him at eight weeks, showed him all the way through his PGCH and I purchased him back in April of 1991. He will spend the remaining years of his life here with his many women.

Merlin is the sire of 130 kids to date and I have four does bred to him due to kid in October 1994. He currently has a harem of 4 to 6 does living with him at all times and just today I put four more in to breed for our 1995 Futurity Class next spring. He has always kept all "his girls" bred unless they are young and uncooperative. He'll make a couple of advances and if they squat so he can't get to them, he'll just ignore them even if they are in standing heat. He knows full well that he'll have another opportunity with them very soon.

I believe his most positive traits to be his prepotency. He has to date 14 offspring that are Permanent Grand Champions with another 26 offspring having 1 or more Grand Championship (several just one leg away from becoming permanent themselves), and his grandkids are following along in the show ring wins. He cannot work miracles but almost without fail has improved upon does he's been bred to.

As far as physical negative traits, I truthfully haven't found anything that I believe is a negative trait. I don't know any judges that have either. He can ACT very negative. He's very smart and you can spend days trying to outsmart him when it's time for routine maintenance, hoof trimming, vaccinations, worming, etc. I've spent many hours lurking behind the barn walls waiting for him to forget I'm there so I can slam a door to trap him inside.

Probably his most famous offspring, in that they've probably produced the most animals also being shown and therefore known by many, would be PGCH Whirlwind Farms Premium Blend, PGCH Whirlwind Farms Private Label, Forget-Me-Not Simon and two of his grandsons, PGCH Whirlwind Farms Incredible Hunk and Whirlwind Farms Trademark. Oh, also his son, PGCH Whirlwind Farms Prestige.

His offspring have, and pass on to their offspring, his incredible muscling and bone, and his wonderful angulation. They are very smoothly blended, very, very deep animals and have a very wide pelvis structure necessary for proper kidding. Only one daughter (and no granddaughters or great-granddaughters) of his owned by me have ever had to have a cesarean section. I mistakenly bred that doe too early and she kidded one day before her first birthday, with, of course, a single buck kid.

Merlin received his first grand championship as a junior animal at the age of 6 months. He then could not be shown until he was over one year old and when he came to his first show as a 15 month old, he received his second grand championship. He then, under NPGA rules, could not be shown until he reached the age of two. When he turned two, we took him to a two day show where he was grand champion both days - finishing him as a Permanent Grand Champion at the age of two. He then went on to win the 1991 NPGA National Champion Buck at the age of five years. One of his daughters also took National Champion that same year, PGCH Whirlwind Farms Pirouette, owned by George and Judy Stabuck.

Merlin was born October 26, 1986 and is still very healthy and producing wonderful kids at the age of eight.

This Article first appeared in the Pygmy Goat World, in November of 1994. We are currently in the process of updating this article for a future issue of National Pygmy Goat Association MEMO, and will print it here with the additional champions and PGCHs since 1994.

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