Vaccination/Maintenance Schedule
                                                                                   (Revised and corrected April 2007)

This vaccination schedule has been reviewed by Dr. Robin Skillman, D.V.M., and is used successfully by several breeders in the Northern California Area.  Please be sure to check with your own veterinarian for their recommendations and approval.  At all times check the package instructions of all products for dosages and proper storage.

At birth l/4 cc Bo-Se to all newborn kids.
Before castration or disbudding l cc Tetanus antitoxin S.Q. or I.M.
   5 weeks - Triple Sulfa, Sulmet or Albon, 7 days (give orally with syringe) 
   6 weeks - 1/4” on dial Panacur or Safeguard  (Repeat in 3 weeks and as needed)
   6 -8 weeks # #1 Covexin 8 (2cc I.M. or S.Q.);   10 -12 weeks # #2 Covexin 8;  12 - 14 weeks #3 Covexin 8.   (Check with your local veterinarian  for requirements for your area and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for timing between  first 
            injection. and boosters.)  Give booster every six months or l month before kidding
   60 days - Dr. Skillman recommends Bo-Se every 60 days to growing kids (Dose lcc per 40 lbs.)
    9 weeks - Triple Sulfa, Sulmet, Albon, 7 days
   12 weeks - Ivomec S.Q., Cydectin Pour on, orally or as a pour on at the rate of 6 cc per 100 lbs). Valbazen, 1cc per 22 pounds, Tramisol or Safeguard/Panacur) (Repeat as needed with wormer of choice.)
   13 weeks - Triple Sulfa, Sulmet, Albon, 7 days
    8 -10 months - Covexin 8 booster (2cc S.Q. or I.M.) Or on date recommended by manufacturer
    One week later - Worm (with wormer of your choice - see listing below)
    A & D should be given in December and then again in March to all animals

Other vaccines recommended by Dr. Skillman are:   J-5, E-Coli, (give at 3 and 4 months of age to kids and to pregnant does at 3 & 4 months gestation), Pastuerella, Leptospirosis, and Rabies.  Rabies should be given to kids at 3 and l2 months and to adults every 3 years.   Again, consult with your veterinarian or Dr. Skillman  as to schedule for these vaccines. Worm every three months or as required by condition of animal or fecal exam.   Wormers recommended by Dr. Skillman are Ivomec injectible for Cattle, Cydectin, given orally or as a pour on, Dectomax, Tramisol, Valbazen, Safeguard/Panacur.

Copper is very important for goats.   Use a mineral block or loose mineral formulated for goats with the proper amount of Copper.   Sweetlix makes both goat blocks and loose minerals.  Both are balanced with many minerals required by goats.

Before Breeding Does
l month before breeding does - 2cc Covexin 8 as indicated, plus Bo-Se according to weight
and deworm.

30 days before kidding Dr. Skillman recommends giving Covexin 8, A&D, Bo-Se and deworming. (If you do not choose to treat pregnant does follow the schedule below.  (If you do not give Covexin 8 at this time kids should be given 2cc CD Antitoxin at birth, I.M. and thereafter follow schedule above for Covexin 8.

At time of kidding give doe and babies Bo-Se.  Day or two after kidding worm.  2 days later give Covexin 8 booster, A&D.  Now the doe is ready to be bred when kids are weaned.

Note:  Dr. Skillman has recommended that you calendar your bucks and does for a Bo-Se vaccination every 3 months even if the does are bred.  Please check with your own veterinarian for their recommendation. Warning:  The manufacturers of Bo-Se have put a warning on the label stating NOT to give Bo-Se to any pregnant animals.  Vaccination of pregnant animals may possibly result in abortions.   It is recommended you give your growing animals Bo-Se every sixty (60) days.    I do this until they’re 18 months old.

Treat the same as Does, except give Covexin 8 booster as above at 8 -10 months and then every 6 months. 
Bo-Se every three months to adult bucks and does.   Bo-Se every sixty (60) days for kids up to 18 months.
Worm 2 to 4 times per year or more (as indicated by fecal exam).
Every day in grain mix l teas. Ammonium Chloride, l/2 Tbls. vegetable oil, 2 Tbls. loose salt. (Give less of each for younger bucks.  Increase as they grow) 

Coccidia Treatment/Prevention Dosage:   There are many brands and available preparations, i.e., Triple Sulfa,
liquid and powder, Sulmet, liquid and powder, Albon, liquid and powder, which are the recommended preparations by Dr. Skillman.  Mix and administer according to the instructions on the package.   Give orally for 7 days. A fecal exam will reveal if you have coccidia on your property and in what concentration.  Based on this exam, you may not need to give Albon, Triple sulfa or Sulmet to your kids if you feed a Deccox or Rumensin (Monensin) feed for the first four months or administer other coccidiostats as recommended by a veterinarian for your area. Deccox  can also be added to loose salt at the rate of 2 lbs. Deccox to 50 lbs. loose salt.  There are several Bovatek salts available that don’t need to be mixed.  Sweetlix makes a mineral salt containing Rumensin.  But if the exam does reveal coccidia, treat your kids!  They will grow better for not having bugs. 

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